Jacks 12k/24k/50k Trail Race
October 22nd, 2023  
7:30 am 
MalaCompra Greenway Trail 
Palm Coast, Fl 

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Course Description

This beautiful, hammock shaded, 90 percent single track trail is just steps from the Atlantic Ocean. A short 1.2 mile stretch of wide bike trail will allow runners to spread out before you enter the 6.5 mile long Mala Compra Greenway Trail. The trail begins with hardback single track with switchbacks and straight-a-ways through palm brush for about 2 miles. Then you will reach a section spanning 1.5 miles with challenging climbs, quick descents, tight inclined turns, and rock gardens all surrounding several sulfur springs. This section is followed by several miles of flowing switchbacks. Finally, the trail will end.right where you started. 12k runners will do 1 loop, 24K runners will do 2 loops and 50K runners will complete 4 loops, along with a short .5 mile scenic section added to their first loop. With the finish line adjacent to the beach, after your race you can recover in the ocean water next to the finish line festivities.
Race Photography by Essential Media Productions